My Handyman: No Job Too Small
My Handyman: No Job Too Small

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All-around Services for Your Home

I am based in Muncie, IN doing work covering surrounding areas. My motto is "No job too small". I take on the jobs that most contractors don't want to do because they are too small.


My specialties are small repairs, and I do just about every general maintenance job that needs to be done.


I alway look at everything about the project first before sending a quote so I can see the scope of the project.


All estimates are FREE.


I am fully insured and do general maintenance and insurance work.


For a list of jobs that I have preformed, please check out our services page.

I have recieved hundreds of e-mails asking questions on how to do a small project as well as asking for my advise on unique situations.  E-mailers are also asking for videos of how-to projects.


Please, please, please keep the e-mails coming.  I answer each e-mail relating to handyman projects.


I am very excited to introduce HANDYMAN LESSONS "have tools will teach".  I work with you on your project at home to teach you how to do the work the right way and answer your questions.  

This is how it works:

I look at your project and determine how much I would charge for the job, not including the materials. That would be your cost.  I then work along side you and help you complete your project from start to finish.  You learn from me step by step how to do the project and you gain the confidence to do it on your own.  It may take a little longer to do but I'll be by your side.

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Call My Handyman at 765-876-8087 in Muncie, IN

"Everyone Needs a Handyman"

We are your specialists for:

  • Drywall repair from holes to water damage to mold
  • Painting of all kinds
  • Small plumbing jobs
  • Small electrical jobs
  • General home maintenance

Check out our services page for a list of jobs I've completed