My Handyman: No Job Too Small
My Handyman: No Job Too Small

About My Handyman

I am a small handyman business, where quality is my top priority. I am on the road throughout Eastern Indiana handling your home's small projects. I guarantee you that I will perform excellent work.  I am Owner / handyman Chris Tucker and I do every job myself.

My Handyman was founded in 2011 and has continuously increased its base of satisfied customers.


Allowing someone to come in to your home takes trust. I appreciate that trust, and would like to make you feel more comfortable by introducing you to myself, Owner / handyman Chris Tucker.


We are fully insured and do insurance work.

A Message From Chris


Hello Everyone,


     WOW, what a year this is turning out to be.  I am just hoping that all of you are healthy and safe staying indoors and trying to follow the CDC guidelines.  We are all in that age group and probably have some kind of underlying health condition that can and will make us vulnerable to this crappy virus. 

     Now that the states are easing up on some of the restricted stores, restaurants, and shops it is even more important to follow the CDC guidelines.  You know, wash your hands, sanitize often, wear a mask when you go outside, stay six feet apart from one another, basically no physical contact.  I follow the guidelines and sanitize every time I go someplace and get back into my truck.  I have a bottle of sanitizer in the truck and I do my hands and wrists, I wipe down the door handle I grabbed to close the door, I wipe down my keys, I wipe around the steering wheel.  Then after removing my mask I run the back of my hand that still has a little sanitizer on it under my nose and around my mouth.  Then I start the truck. 

     Maybe I am doing a little too much maybe not enough but I am trying.

     I believe we are in a new age a little of the future and a blast from the past.  The future is this virus and the technology that may get rid of it and a blast from the past of having to remember we cannot always be reliant on others and have to fend for ourselves.  For example, there seems to be a meat shortage.  Are we going to starve?  No.  There are plenty of fruits and vegetables.   Just use your heads and cook with what you have.  We are soooooo spoiled with fast food and convenience items that it seems that that is all we know. 

     About 85-90% of my customer base is over 60.  I worry about my wife, my family, my customers, and myself.  The young people out there may soon realize that the seniors of our society are the one they should be looking to for lessons and wisdom on what it was like in the past and teach them how to make it through this tough time.  We seniors are an untapped resource of knowledge.

     Staying within the CDC guidelines I am hesitant to enter any home at this time but outside projects look like it may be ok depending on the job.  Until it is a little safer, of course.  I’ll look month to month.


Please, please, please, be safe and teach others to be smart.

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